December 13, 2011


Salam oulls ..
Actually yesterday i feel so so bad ..
Hemm i need someone who can take care of me ..
I get someone but he's SUAMI orang ..
Actually i don't know how i can fall in love with him ..
He so caring , funny , he so responsibility ..
Dats why i fall in love with him ..
Ermm but i feel berbelah bahagi okay ..
Perasaan takot lebih ..
U noe why ?
I feel scared if i lukakan hati wifes dia ..
N yesterday we have discuss bout this ..
Hmm he can't be always for me ..
So i have to understand it ..
I have to learn from now on ..
I angry with him ..
I don't know that i can stay like this ..
I have to share everything ..
It takes time okay ..
I wanna happy life , i wanna simple life ..
Don't know la ..