January 27, 2011

Nasi Daun Pisang


today i wanna story la lil bit bout nasi daun pisang . actually i eat dis nasi daun pisang at Kluang .
anway i dunno wut is nasi daun pisang , i really2 want to try it . it taste not bad but not to nice .
firstly they put the daun pisang on the table , then nasi we can take a lot or a lil cz it's price is same .
then they put papadom + vegetables+fish or chicken currry+chilly and others ..
i eat . eat . eat . then i feel like nak termuntah cz it's taste too " muak ".
uweeeekkkk ! but anybody who wanna try u can try but dun take too much . haha

p/s : i dunno la why i write dis story . saje jek nk share gn owg2 sume . hehe c(: